Daily Guide Post Your Name Makes You

Daily Word

Your name is one of important things your parents gave to you. It should be of inspiration to, you that they took time to name you, and it brought them joy. The name is you and all that you are and ever will be is in the name. Even after you are gone from this world all that have been achieved and that you have become will be remembered only by the name, so let your name be an inspiration to you, for when it’s called it tells who you are.
Pastor Daniel

Will’s Word

Our name defines us as a person, no matter how many people have your name it defines us each differently. My name is William and though I don’t go by it much its meaning of desired shield, still defines my life and personality. So toady look at your name and what it means and look at what others call you most, and remember this your name effects who you are and how others see you so if you are being called something that’s not your name make sure it has a good meaning behind it.

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