Daily Guide Post Forgiveness

Daily Word

I went to Sunday school with the children in the village when I was a young boy. There I learnt you can’t get to Heaven without salvation and obedience. To obey one must love and forgive. When you love and forgive, you receive real joy. Have a joyful and blessed day. Pastor Daniel

Will’s Word

Forgiveness can sometimes be a very hard thing to do for some of us. But it is something that we must do, not just, because we are children of God but because it helps us. Forgiving takes a burned off of your shoulders that you do not need to carry. It makes you feel better about yourself not only that but the person you forgive will feel better too and it will cause them to want to do better themselves. So today if you are holding on to something someone did to you, it’s time to let it go and forgive them and move forward with your life.

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